Center of Financial and Monetary Research (CEFIMO) came into existence in 2000. Three years later, CEFIMO is certified by Romanian Ministry of Education and Research. The Center aims in developing a consistent basic and experimental research within the following areas: public finance, corporate finance, monetary and banking system, insurance, international finance.


an initiative group concentrates the research activities of quantitative economics in the Macroeconomic Modeling Laboratory (LMM), in the context of the reform of the research structures of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.


orientation of the research direction towards the field of finance in the Economic-Financial Modeling Laboratory (LMEF) established within the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges.


financing contract with the World Bank and the Government of Romania (director, prof. univ. dr. Radu Stroe) with the objective of consolidating and developing the existing research structure – LMEF.


the establishment of the Financial-Monetary Research Center (CEFIMO) as a research unit of the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges that benefits from equipment endowments through research contracts financed by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS) and by the kindness of the directors of these projects, prof. univ. dr. Vasile Dedu and, respectively, prof. univ. dr. Nicolae Dardac.


CEFIMO certification by the Ministry of Education and Research as a type C research center.


CEFIMO is established as part of a partnership agreement between the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and the University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati.


the institutional re-accreditation of CEFIMO.